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3 thoughts on “Oil Painting Step by Step

  1. Ciao! I’m italian.I did the first 3 lessons of your course (I skipped the blog for now…).I just want tell you thanks for giving others your estetic and knowledge and skillness and entusiasm with the course and with these piices of jewellery videos !
    Much Love
    Chiaretta Limonta

  2. Hello!

    My Name is Clarissa and I am of Mexican, Italian, Spanish and French heritage living on an Indian Reservation in the United States. I am a 44-year old woman… a wife, a mother,a stepmother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt and even a grandmother.

    With my youngest children in high school now, I have plenty of free time. I am dedicating this time to exploring and nurturing my creative self. So far i have viewed 3 of your utube videos (Lesson 1, Lesson 2 and the oil painting timelapse). Your course is just what I am looking for: a guide to provide me direction and encouragement as I pursue my desire to paint.

    Thank you for being here,


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